You do not have to wait for summer for you to decide and have an Orange county pool deck repair, CA. Catching the signs of pool deck damages earlier saves you cost—lots of it! And more importantly, it keeps you from putting your loved ones in danger. It’s a relief to feel secure that there are no accident-prone areas around the pool. Indeed, it is fun to splash into the cool waters!


There’s no delaying your warning signs for the need for pool deck repair. There are five that you need to watch out for! 


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Pool Deck Repair SOS: 5 Damages that Signals for Resurfacing

1. Cracks and broken surfaces

Often, cracks happen when you have less durable materials. Broken tiles, for example, take place among tiled pool decks and holes usually exist on the edges and corners of a tile piece. 


There is a safer option than tiles. Concrete pool decks are durable. If cracks appear, you will see signs immediately. In that way, you can directly call the help of experts and have the concrete surface filled or fixed right away.

crack on a concrete floor

2. Dents or loose tile pieces on the pool steps

loose tiles on steps

Some swimming pools got steps or micro stairs installed on them. You will not have to think twice when these are the damages you see. A dwindling pool steps tell you right away that you need to change the plastering or the surface material. 


At least have the crumbling concrete resurfaced or filled with concrete grout and sealed with a concrete coating.

3. Detaching Pool Mastic

Pool mastic prevents flooding on the decks. Aside from installing pool decks and water-resistant pool coating, the decks are dry and safe to walk on in the mastic. 


When the mastic continuously loses its grip on the concrete pool, the water will flood the decks. However, the mastic will soon detach due to weathering and heavy use of the pool. This mastic issue will cause other significant problems, which are also telltale signs to get repairs.

4. Crazing

Crazing often occurs due to poor installment when the concrete mix dried too early or too wet to dry at the right time. Crazing appears as a collection of thin cracks or fissures on the concrete.


This may happen to the pool when exposed to too much water, like flooding (read the previous item about flooding decks.


If you resurface the pool decks, you must give them the proper time to cure. Also, make sure that only a skilled installer got the resurfacing or repair job done. If not, it will double the damage if you get the mix wrong and soon expose it to water.

5. Pool coping breaks

Aside from the decks and the pool floors, the pool coping, which is also made of concrete, is crucial. Then it starts to reveal damages. It is a sign that you need to get the pool emptied and be prepared for repairs. 


Pool coping that breaks will soon give you more problems; It is so because it is the material that separates the concrete material for the basin from the soil and the water that you put into the pool.


When the coping breaks, the structural reinforcement of the pool will lose strength. Mud and soil will attract moisture and cause its residue to enter the basin and the pool shell. Soon you will swim into the cloudy, murky water. Eww! You would not want that.


So, if you see this sign and to the others mentioned above, do not delay. Ask a local contractor near you, Have them inspect the pools. Winter may be the right time while waiting for summer to get the swimming pools fixed.


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