Leveling Up Your Airbnb Pool Area

 Airbnb pool deck is taking the market by storm. Leveling it up can be a perfect DIY experience for you. Companies that specialize in pool deck resurfacing in Orange County are readily available and just one phone call away. You can go all-out creative for your pool revamp, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Airbnb Pool Area Ideas

There are a lot of Airbnb pool deck ideas out there. Some owners turn their spaces into boutique pools, indoor pools, commercial pools, and so much more. However, we have a list of some of the most popular and rising pool ideas that you can give a shot. You can thank us later.

Boutique pool house

Boutique pool houses are in the popularity race, and they are gaining fast. What makes this idea a must-do are the solar-powered pool and the amenities readily available for guests.

Shore’s edge pools

Some people might think that it is such a sacrilegious thing to place a pool just beside the sandy, white beaches. But that is not a hassle for this pool deck idea. Guests can take it easy in the pool while gazing out to the beautiful beach just across. Now that’s one way to feel alive!

Penthouse with indoor pool

This listing might prove to be quite expensive for someone’s taste. But if you could spare some cash, this pool deck will be an investment worth your while. 

Rustic cabin with pool

A rustic cabin with a pool is the perfect getaway ticket from the city for a time to relax and unwind. And it’s not just the pool and the property that guests will get to experience. There’s also the majesty and natural beauty nature has to offer.

Tips And Other Things To Improve Your Area

Let’s talk about furniture

Adding household items will spice up your place’s charm and overall value. So think about the furniture that’s best for your pool deck area. Guests do love a place that screams décor, aesthetics, and how things work and contribute to the structure’s theme. This factor will surely let your listing rise among the countless ones on Airbnb.

Take note of the locality.

Airbnb patrons love to travel. And traveling from place to place means seeing the sights, enjoying flavors, and so on. Your listing will stand out more if you manage to catch the vibe your location has to offer. And guests will love that about the experience.

Consider the weather as well.

Make sure your place has the proper utilities to handle weather conditions. Things like disposable raincoats, jackets, sandals, and other items are lifesavers when the weather gets too hot or too wet for guests. 

Resurfacing can save your Airbnb.

If you find that your Airbnb pool is not garnering the attention it deserves, consider pool deck resurfacing. There are dozens and dozens of resurfacing methods you can perform for your concrete to look and function better than before. Doing so will make the surface stand out more. Your pool deck looking brand-new will attract a lot of patrons. And if you can’t do the resurfacing on your own, there is still the option of getting the deck experts to work on your behalf.

One Final Note

All of these will guarantee your Airbnb pool deck’s future. Airbnb might take away 20% for experience service fees that include liability management and insurance. But such a percentage will not matter once your Airbnb pool area starts rocking out and making you profit once the time comes. So, find the best way to level-up your pool area, and the rest will be as easy as pie. Want to read more about pool decks and pools? Check out this next blog about the best pool patio materials.


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