Steps to Stain Your Concrete Pool Decks

There are only three steps to concrete staining Orange County CA. Yes! It is that easy, so many homeowners go for the stained concrete. It is a practical flooring system. From application to maintenance, staining involves a process done for your comfort and ease. 

Acid stain

Stained Concrete: Three Easy Steps

So what are these easy-to-follow processes for staining concrete floors? Let’s take a quick look. 

  • Floor preparation stage
  • Staining stage
  • Sealing stage

Once you familiarize yourself with the three main steps of stained concrete floors, you will learn how to do them independently. Although DIY staining is possible, a professional staining job is much better.

  1. Preparation 

First, prepare the floors. You can apply stained concrete on old floorings and the newly installed concrete. 

Slab preparation is crucial when applying the staining compound to achieve your desired result. During stained concrete preparation, you need to make sure the surface is even and smooth. This would help create a seamless flooring outcome that emphasizes the translucent look.

  1. Stain It!

Once you have done proper flooring prep, you are ready to stain. At this stage, you have two options. Would you like a deep earthy look on the floors that would remind you of vintage-style villas? Then the staining to choose from is the water-based stains. Learn more about it from our previous blogs on how water staining works. 

Or, what you may want is something that would look more modern. Acid-stained concrete floor creates a matte finish, and this look is perfect for a modern-utilitarian interior. And scandi-minimalist themes.

The materials you would need are simple ones. Have a look around your storage and see if you got the following items:

  • Sprayer or roller
  • Flat bottom bucket
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Concrete stripper
  • Pressure washer
  • Rubber boots
  • Brush
  • Neutralizer (for acid stain use)
  • Mask

Leave the staining compound until it has set. Then proceed to the next step. Sealing.

stained basement with washing machine
  1. Sealing Stage

Complete the whole process by finishing the stained concrete floor with sealers. But before that, wash and clean the floor with the staining compounds fully cured. Ensure that the surface is free from debris, dust, and other contaminants. 

At last! Your concrete stain is finished and sealed up, and the sealing helps illuminate the staining patterns. Depending on the amount of finish epoxy coat you would apply, you can choose between a high gloss finish or a matte finish. 


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