Cool Deck: What Is It?

Before summer begins, it is just right that you search for the best pool deck material. Welcome to today’s blog, and it is perfect timing that you came across here. All about cool decking ahead! Learn the basics, the requirements, and the cool deck resurfacing cost.

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Strap and hold on to your home-improvement-warrior-belt and take note of how you can incorporate the low-temperature concrete floor, ideally around swimming pools. 

Cool Deckings Uncovered: Defining the Low-Temperature Outdoor Floor

An innovative way to cool down the surface after getting exposed to the sun’s scorching heat waves is to apply an acrylic-based coating. A classic pool decking system named “Kool” decks uses this technology. However, a more recent innovation pool contractors now use a textured cool deck.

The downside of the conventional low-temperature materials causes slippery surfaces.

This problem is now reduced with the surfacing of cooling concrete coatings. Adding texture on the surface becomes its most distinct feature, making everyone crazy over cool decks.

From the name itself, “cool,” the surface of the concrete floor remains cold to the touch of the bare hand and bare feet. 

That makes the perfect choice to install on the edge of swimming areas. This is the same system in which professionals contracted a distiller called class spray knockdown finish or classic acrylic texture.

Know in the next part of the discussion how this system works.

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How to Have Low-Temp Decks around the Pool?

This is how the low-temperature decks work:

First, the base of the decks is installed. T is either an existing concrete or resurfaced pool floor. Then the mixture is created.

Contents of the Cool Mix

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The excellent coating consists of concrete mix, epoxy, and acrylic compounds. Combined, these three would result in a pool deck coating that will adhere to an existing slab since it is made of comment or concrete materials. The finished product will bear the same durability and d and characteristics that an installer can easily control and spread over the surface.

Next, with the help of the epoxy, the coating cures fast. That mechanism makes it possible to create a famous textured finish. Installers use sprayers to throw the compound with ease on the floor slabs to enhance the process. That also helps achieve the texture or knockdown look.

The mix would form a peak like textured when it hits the surface. The epoxy will help hasten the curing while controlling the time of curing. That is why the installer would have time to knock the curing compound down. Usually, knocking the peak-like coating will use the help of the ever-reliable trowel.

Cool Deck Cost

What is the cost of cool decks? Looking at how it works from what’s mentioned above, it looks complicated? But do not worry. A cooling, low temp deck would cost you $3 to $4 of the material per square foot. 

And since the only mechanical device to get involved would be a hopper gun or sprayer, labor cost would be minimal.


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