Walking Cool: Guide to Cool Deck Resurfacing Cost


A pool deck that looks and feels good is a must-have. No matter how popular swimming pool areas are around The Hills and the Orange County shores, not everyone owns a cool deck. If you want to stay in line with the hottest trends under the SoCal sunshine, let the guys from Pool Deck Refinishing Orange County grant you a property revamp. 

Not everyone got their swimming pool’s cooling deck systems. So, what is a pool deck? It not only sounds “cool” to have. There’s a lot in store for you if you decide to resurface your pools with this. 

Discover how this is installed in your areas, the benefits, and most importantly, its cost. All these are found in today’s blog!

If I want a Cool Deck, How Much Will it Cost?

There is no delay for you, right? Jumping straight to the real deal is to know how much it will cost you. There is no doubt that a pool deck is in, and you are hot for it. 

Giving you now what you’ve been dying to know, first consider the following factors. You need to know how large the size area you need to resurface. Professional pool contractors often offer a free quote per square foot. Now take your mathematical lenses and start calculating. A standard range for resurfacing a concrete deck is $3 up to $25. Why the wide range?

Know the primary considerations that affect differences in installing a pool deck. Next.

Cool Deck Cost Considerations

1- Material & Labor Factors

You’re probably wondering what type of magic trick is involved in keeping the ground cold under your feet? Concrete decks and other material absorbs heat. Bathing under the sun for the whole day-hours, the steps heat up. 

Concrete is a suitable material for producing a cool decking around the pools. This is why many depart from traditional tiles and composite wood.

A cool deck is achieved with spray or concrete coating. Concrete coatings are protective layers that make the surface comfortable to walk on. 

Spraydeck achieves distinct texture and color. The enhanced surface touch paves the way for a cooling act. When the heat is at its highest, the layer of coating resists it. It prevents the temperature from getting in the whole layer of the concrete slabs.

A spray gun is needed to spray the coating on top accurately. With that being said, an expert in pool decking must handle the process to seal success.

2- Concrete Condition

The standard cost for a complete cool decking ranges from $250 to $500 for a minimum area of 10 square feet. Changes occur, considering the existing slab condition.

 If the decks got deep cracks and other damages, then a pre-installation resurfacing is required. This requires you to grind or fill the slabs. It will cost you the necessary repairs and preparation costs.

3- Area and Location Factor

Area size and location will add to your pool decking project’s total costs, depending on the distance of your site to your chosen contractors. 

This is why it is recommended to get a local-based company specializing in pool decks and pool resurfacings to accommodate you at your convenience.

In summary

It is essential to take note for the last time of the primary factors influencing cool decking cost. Every cent counts. So, you must be familiar with the overall process. You need to know what its toll is for you. Indeed, only then can you say that what you put in your properties are really “cool”!


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