Pool Deck Paint Vs Stain: Making the Right Choice for Your Concrete

Adding color gives the concrete pool deck instant makeover. The patterns from the concrete surface do not suffice. Adding pool deck coatings Orange County, like pool deck paint and stain, makes all the difference.


So, should you choose pool deck paint or stain? Do not let your decision waddle on the pool’s edge. Before you dive into selecting the suitable material for you, read today’s post.

It’s a head-to-head comparison of pool deck paint and stain.

stamped concrete pool deck

Defining Pool Deck Paint and Stain

Pool Deck Paint. Paint is a conventional coloring material for any surfaces, including concrete surfaces. It’s a traditional way of adding color to concrete. 

Stain. Do not confuse the concrete pool deck stain with the stain synonymous to mess. Staining is a concrete resurfacing process that uses concrete coloring that penetrates the concrete slab. 

Staining uses two methods depending on the carrier the pigments or dyes used. 

Acid stain creates marble-like patterns. The acid makes the shades of the pigment appear cloudy. Water-based stain results in translucent shades to opaque, warm colors.

The Process

Orange County pool deck repairIn terms of process staining and pool, deck paints are way too different from each other. Although both of them act as pigments over the surface, they use standard coloring methods and tools. The other comes in two ways and requires a professional to get the job done.


Paint. The pool deck paint is not different from your traditional paint. As its name suggests, what you do is to apply or brush a paint color or coating to the surface. 


Staining. Staining involves a more complex process. The concrete surface needs to be prepared first. Since the stains require specific material to carry the pigments onto the concrete, the slab must be clean and polished to make the color adhere effectively.

The staining process involves two methods. One is water-based staining. It uses water as the carrier of the stain or the pigment. The color appears deep and vibrant in this method, finishing the pool decks with warm and earthy hues.

Meanwhile, the other method uses acid to carry the stain or the pigment onto the concrete. Using acid to color the concrete gives a washed, subtle effect of the concrete coloring. After acid staining, the user can use a pool deck sealer that will provide it with a glossy finish.

Aesthetic Appeal

classic-texture-pool-deck-in-blueIn terms of aesthetics, using both paint and stain gives you creative control. 

Paint. Pool deck paints are easy to use with simple, handy tools. There is no difference from the usual paint anyone uses when coating the walls and other surfaces. You can paint the pool deck using paint rollers and brush.


If you have a residential pool and need practical pool solutions, paint is the way to go. A pool owner can DIY the use of paint, just like when you were a child, and painting watercolors on your sketchbook.


The paint consists of latex and acrylic, which makes the coating expand under heat. And just like your watercolor tubes, paint also offers the user a variant of colors. You can also customize your paint by mixing two or more standard colors.


Staining. The look stain is simply stunning. The staining process allows the pigment to penetrate the deeper layers of the slabs. It locks in the colors. Whether you use either water or acid as carriers, it results in a translucent effect where the pigment appears like the natural coloring of the concrete. 


Commercial pool areas are more exposed to high foot traffic. This is where you will see the advantage of stains. Unlike paint that washes away from constant use and exposure to water, stains make water and slip-resistant surfaces. Because the staining stays longer on the concrete, it is a better choice for resort pool decking.

The Result

Concrete stains generally last longer than paint. While the paint is a practical choice, staining concrete pool decks is worth your investment. Staining outlasts your expectations. If you decide to change the color, retaining it is possible. Ask your local pool deck repair Orange County to work on the staining processes seamlessly.


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