Concrete pool decks are stylish and efficient parts of any property. And having a moment or two with loved ones by a vibrant pool decking sounds divine. With that said, what can make swimming pool action even better? Swimming pool games! Yeah, floating around sounds swell and all, but splashing around with games will make your pool experience more memorable.

However, it’s not all fun and games. You still have to consider the safety that a concrete pool deck installation brings. The pool deck surface must reflect durability and efficiency. Today’s piece tackles what games you can play. Also included are ideas you can do with your fabulous pool deck to guarantee its function and aesthetics.

Wet And Wild With Pool Games

A session in the pool is not complete without involving a game or two. So here is a list of the types of games you can play by the concrete pool deck without you having to leave the water.

Racing games

Racing games are classic when it comes to pool activities. They invite friendly competition. And participants would not even notice the exercise they are getting while swimming to get to the other end. You might want to set a reward beforehand, as players will expect something once they win. Long and rectangular pools are ideal for races.

Toys and more toys

If the racing proves to be too tiring, opt for games that involve toys and other gadgets instead. You can use water guns, balloons, and almost anything you can get your hands on. You don’t have to worry whether your pool is too small or too big, or whatever shape it may have. As long as kids and kids at heart can utilize it safely and for fun, it’s all good.

Water tags

You’ve heard and experienced these before. Classic tagging games, such as Marco Polo, are fun and thrilling. You can never go wrong with them at all. Tags work best for larger pools.

Finding and hunting

Games such as treasure hunt and finders keepers allow players to practice breathing exercises and vision underwater. The prizes include anything that is water-proof. Or you may put a brand-new phone in a zip-lock and wait until someone finds it for their own. It’s up to you to decide. Do make sure you have enough pool space for these kinds of games.

The Ways To Enhance Your Pool Decks

The following pool resurfacing methods will transform your concrete pool decks into works of art. Besides, they will make sure your family and friends are safe. Check each one out to see what your structure needs.

Cooling systems on concrete

Pros at pool deck resurfacing can install cooling systems on your pool decks. They can also resurface your concrete decks for safety. 

Orange County pool deck remodeling

Pool deck resurfacing

Resurfacing is the practice of installing a new layer of concrete over pre-existing ones. Doing so will improve the surface’s durability and charm. Many textures and designs are available, especially for pools and outdoor settings. Slip-resistant pool deck coatings are also up for installation. A pool deck resurfacing cost will depend on what approach you want to achieve. 

Pool decking landscapes

Giving landscapes a go for your pool decking is a perfect idea. They create a sense of contrast and provide a touch of nature and softness to the whole place. Add some appealing and heat-reflecting overlays, wood walls, and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind pool deck.

A Splashy Conclusion

You have to think first about the pool and its surrounding environment before you start with your games. Make sure the setting is safe and free from other debris. A good contracting company can achieve all of these for you. Paying them more for the service is out of the question. What’s important is for your family, friends, and other loved ones to have a good, safe, and hazard-free time.

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