When considering the cost of pool deck resurfacing, the monetary figures are just the surface. Deeper, when you start planning, you will see that other factors need to be considered. 

There are labor costs, time and season costs, and other fees. Extra fees you need to pay can be either minimized or managed. Some additional costs that are not necessary can be avoided if you plan your pool decking project wisely. 

This blog helps you figure out the essential things to consider when dealing with professional pool contractors. 

1-Plan and Calculate the Cost

First and foremost, plan. You can have an initial estimate of your pool resurfacing project at a specific price, but if you do not prepare, you will not know what the cost is. The reason why you want to know the cost is for you to set up your budget requirement. This goes for any type of project. For the swimming pool’s improvement. You need to contact a pol contractor and professionals to help you figure out what needs to be done.

A pool deck may not only need concrete resurfacing, but a repair of faulty spots may also require. These are considerations that have to fall under the whole project plan and budget allotment.

2-Design Requirement Cost

After you have planned and calculated, you can determine what resurfacing method is needed for your pool decking. A standard amount for a basic pool resurfacing is three to five dollars per square foot ($3.00-$5.00 / sq.ft). A complete project will estimate a minimum of $700 up to $2500, depending on design requirements.

A concrete pool deck overlay and pool deck concrete stamping will amount from $600 to $1200. 

3- Time and Labor Cost

For you to get what is worthy of the cost you pay, as a pool owner, whether, at a residential or a commercial pool, you must know how long the resurfacing will take. 

Ask your contractors, and set a schedule for them to complete the whole project. Giving the installers a required time allotment for a pool project will ensure you they are doing a perfect and accurate job. 

Be wary of contractors who delay projects. This is a sign of an unreliable team. They may require additional fees, as well, later on. You need to avoid that. 

Steps to Consider

Here is an extra tip for you. Know the following steps essential toa pool deck resurfacing for you to start counting the cost:

Step 1: surface preparation, cloning, clearing, and grinding the slabs

Step 2: pressure washing for seamless and even application of resurfacing layers

Step 3: accurate mixing and application of required resurfacing design, sealing, or coating

Step 4: coating and finishing the resurfaced pool deck with protective concrete coatings

3- Repair & Maintenance

To complete your total calculations, you must allot a separate coast for repair and maintenance. This is part of the post-installation requirement. For concrete pool decks, maintenance is low-cost. Simple cleaning and regular caring for your pool decks are at your hands. For future repairs, have a contractor offer you a repair service that goes with your resurfacing plan or package.


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