If you want to take your swimming pool area to the next level, hardscape elements are a great way to do so. Hardscape is one of the two sub-components of landscaping. It refers to the items or installments that are permanently placed in an area such as the pool deck. There are a variety of hardscapes that come with a multitude of uses. Choosing the most ideal hardscapes will depend on the demands of the area or the purpose for which it will be used. In this article, we look into the best hardscapes that will complement your pool deck area.

stamped concrete walkway
Stamped Concrete Walkway

A walkway leading to the pool area is a functional and stylish addition. This can be used to divide sections in the landscape or to add visual flow to the overall area. One that is installed with a stamped concrete overlay allows you to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. The natural and authentic look of stamped concrete complements the natural elements of the pool deck.


Sunny days call for some serious shade and a gazebo is built for just that. It provides you a lounging area that keeps you out of the sun. Gazebos can be fully customizable to your needs. If you have enough space, you can opt for a fully furnished gazebo equipped with dining tables and a kitchen. If you’re short on space, a small hexagonal gazebo is a charming addition.


Pergolas are a beautiful accent to the pool deck area. These are typically rectangular and have cross beams in place of a roof. It beautifully complements and pool deck landscape. You choose a drought tolerant vine to climb the pergola to soften the structure. Another way of providing soft contrast is to add sheer silk draping.

wall seating
Wall Seating

A creative way to have a seating place in your area is to install wall seating. It is practical as it can be used as a divider for areas as well as a lounging area. This built-in addition is ideal because it can be made to withstand year-round weather. It will also allow you to minimize the use of outdoor furniture that has to be stored depending on the season.

privacy screen
Privacy Screen

An outdoor privacy screen is a creative way to add privacy around your pool deck. This keeps you from the view of strangers or passers-by. Ideal materials for a hardscape privacy screen include hardwood and concrete. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to the design. A paneled look can be achieved for a sleek and modern feel. Precast concrete patterns are also available from your local concrete contractor.

In addition to new installations, our highly skilled staff can maintain and repair your existing indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether the surface is exposed to the elements, pool chemicals, high foot traffic or a combination of these factors, the existing coating may wear down. In these situations, our trained staff will refinish or resurface your pool area as needed. We have the expertise required to service pool decks in a wide variety of commercial and public settings, including hotels, fitness centers, water parks and schools as well as apartments and condominiums.



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