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Fullerton enjoys some of the best weather in all of California. Picturesque sunny days are common, but sometimes long hot days can be taxing. To beat the heat, many residents have pools installed. Pools offers refreshing ways to relax, yet there are investments that require quality care. Concrete Coating Specialties, Inc. specializes in creating and maintaining your aquatic getaway. With over 20 years in the industry, we know all the nuances of pool installation and maintenance.

Pools in Fullerton, CA are especially susceptible to sun damage. The community enjoys, on average, 283 days of sunny weather. Although the temperature is reasonably moderate, the constant exposure to sunrays and chlorine-treated water can shrink the life of a pool. It is essential to use high quality material to have a long-lasting pool.

Concrete Coating Specialists offers a wide range of services to maintain your pool. Our professionals can help you with:

  • Refinishing and resealing,
  • General pool repairs, and
  • Resurfacing

Pool Deck Refinishing/Resealing

Every concrete surface requires maintenance to remain attractive and safe. This is especially the case concerning pool decking.

Pool Deck Concrete Repair & Renovation

Unsightly cracks, flaking and chipping in concrete surfaces presents no problem for us. We can easily re-surface the damages and preform a complete overlay, which will strengthen and beautify the area.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Our exclusive pool deck resurfacing Fullerton using knockdown texture is in high demand. Our customers rave about our multi-functional, slip resistant surfaces that are cooler to walk on than ordinary concrete. Acrylic cement coating is available in nearly limitless decorative pattern and designs.

Concrete Coatings Specialist is a commercial and residential service provider. If you have any questions about desired services for your pool, feel free to call us directly at (714) 563-4141 Would you like to get a price for your project? Fill out our service request form for a free quote. General inquiries are also answered via email at info@orangecountypooldecking.com.


Ready to resurface your pool deck to say goodbye to cracks, stains, and a dangerously smooth surface? We serve the greater Orange County area with cost-effective pool deck concrete resurfacing options. We offer everything from microtopping and coatings to concrete overlays to completely revamp your aging pool deck.
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