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Many homeowners and commercial establishments in Brea, CA rely on their pools to beat the heat. They make the perfect safe-haven from the intense year-round humidity. Whether it is a pool in your backyard, hotel, apartment complex, or condominium, this amenity offers a refreshing relief during times of extreme heat. 


The condition of your pool deck plays a significant role in that enjoyment. Over the years, a pool’s coatings can suffer from wear and tear which causes it to look and feel less appealing for all. Orange County Pool Decking has provided over 20 years of quality service helping business establishments and pool owners with their pool decking needs. We offer top-notch service of installing, designing, renovating, remodeling, and pool deck repair. Here’s how we can help you.


What We Offer : Refinishing & Resurfacing Services

Installing an overlay over existing pool decks. It is quite common for commercial and residential pools to already have a deck installed; it has just gotten a little old and has lost its luster. Our resurfacing and coating expertise can bring it back to life, making your deck look as good as new, now and for years to come. We can layer it with a surface that is slip-resistant and retains a cooler temperature in direct sunlight than traditional concrete surfaces. You have the choice of many colors and designs in order to complement the décor of your home’s exterior. We use some of the top brands to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Refinish for previously installed overlays. If you already have another brand such as Kool Deck, as long as it is still in fair condition, our company can provide a refinishing which consists of re-sealing and recoloring. This will have your deck looking as good as new just as when you first got it.

If your deck has already had a resurfacing in the past and just needs a touch-up to revive its appeal, we can do that too. Over the years of constant use and wear and tear, the concrete of your deck is subject to crack, chip, or flake. If you are experiencing such a situation, Concrete Coating Specialist, Inc. can come out and give your deck a complete Brea, CA pool deck resurfacing with a decorative concrete overlay.

Want to improve your outdoor living and pool experience with friends and family? Get an Orange County CA residential concrete pool deck resurfacing or refinishing! Own a business? Boost the appeal to your customers and get a resurfacing and refinishing for your Orange County commercial concrete pool deck, CA. 

Orange County Pool Decking is an exclusive concrete pool deck installer. in Brea, CA. We can help make your existing deck look new again. Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation quote today. 

Call (714) 563-4141. You can also reach us by email at info@orangecountypooldecking.com.


Ready to resurface your pool deck to say goodbye to cracks, stains, and a dangerously smooth surface? We serve the greater Orange County area with cost-effective pool deck concrete resurfacing options. We offer everything from microtopping and coatings to concrete overlays to completely revamp your aging pool deck.
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