How Do You Repair A Pool Deck?

A pool deck repair can be a fun DIY project. You can also save some time and have an expert pool deck repair Orange County do it for you. Do so if you have no much time while you focus on something else. We will discuss pool related matters, the repair process, and more! 

You’ll learn a thing or two in this article, regardless of whether you have experience with pool deck maintenance and repair or not. 

Why Invest in your Pool Decks?

faded and discolored pool deck to be repaired
a damaged pool deck being prepared for resurfacing

A pool deck is a place for you to relax and unwind. You can make a lot of memories and experiences in such a setting. The only thing that can make these experiences and pastimes more memorable is a pool deck that is unique and pleasing to see. Most decks have concrete, clay, and even wooden bases, and these require proper care and maintenance to keep them from wearing down and fall to damage. 

Many factors can cause damage to a pool deck. These damages include overuse, weathering, and natural causes, and so on. And when they do receive damage, the best answer to get them back on track is a good repair and maintenance task.

The DIY Repair Process of a Broken Concrete Pool Deck

If you notice cracks on or around your pool deck, leaks, and uneven concrete, you should consider a repair immediately. Unattended damages can cause serious harm to your pool deck patrons and loved ones.

Here is a quick DIY repair process for a concrete deck you can learn from or give a shot.

  • Grind and treat

The first step is to grind and etch the old and damaged concrete. Fixing cracks happens here as well. This step makes the concrete porous, allowing chemical treatment to go underway. 

  • Prime and clean

The next step is to prime and clean the area, removing dirt and additional clutter. You can make use of a hose, broom, or a pressure washer to do this. Take note that the primers are optional in this case.

  • Mixing the product

Prepare and mix the product you will apply on the concrete. Follow the instructions with care and precision. Failure to do so risks the entire project. Besides, you have the liberty to include colors in the mixture.

  • Application

This part is where the overlay comes into account. You can install it by rolling, spraying, or troweling. You can add decorative elements as well.

  • Seal and cure

 This is the last part of the repairing process. You will have to place a sealer to provide the concrete with extra durability and strength. Sealers are highly resistant to stains and other forms of damage.

Why Get A Contractor To Do It For You?

There are many advantages when you have a contracting company to assist you with your concrete pool deck maintenance and repair issues. And some of the benefits are on the list below.

  • A contractor can offer many services such as concrete pool refinishing, overlaying, resurfacing, and a complete deck replacement.
  • Contractors with more experience provide better installation and more professional results.
  • They will work with you in terms of planning the undertaking. Their experts will consider your budget and time frame.
  • Companies have highly-trained personnel. They can adapt and perform well in jobs big or small.
  • They also use quality and environmentally-free materials. 
  • You can make them install a design of your choice. 

Final Note

You can maximize these benefits if you research for the best concrete contractor, which can meet your requirements. Moreover, hire one that is insured, and get only the best and trusted pool deck contractors. Doing this will save you more money and prevent further damage from happening to your pool deck and wallet.


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