Concrete Pool Deck Designs Awesome for 2022

A way to add value to your properties is by adding fun and exciting pieces of structure. Count your swimming pools for one. And to increase the value to the outdoors, designing the pool decks with a luscious and classy style and design will do. 

Learn from this blog the newest orange county pool decking options, trends, and designs. 

The Newest Trends in Concrete Pool Deck Design: 2022 Top Picks

A swimming pool gives a distinct aesthetics to your backyards and gardens, and the water surface acts as an element that adds natural beauty to the outdoor space. It is like owning a spring or a river at your home but modified to make it look modern. 

Solar Light Options

Use natural elements such as the sunlight to make a lighting effect around your pool deck. 

Another idea is to build solar panels around your concrete pool deck. Utilizing light as an energy source and current would help you save and cut your bills. Solar lights can then be installed around the concrete pool decks to make them automatically light up at night. 

That will give a bioluminescent effect even without marine organisms to light up the pool deck area.

Privacy Options for Your Pool Decks

Next is installing privacy fences around the pool. You add another form of aesthetics to the area as you build the fences for protection. 

You can ask your local fencing providers and ask what type of fencing material will go well with the design of your concrete pool decks. 

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Add a Pergola to your Concrete Pool Deck!

A pergola is another addition that you can set up from the base of the concrete pool deckings. It is simply an open space enclosed with columns or trellis where you can hang a light material for roofing or shading. If you are not yet ready to splash into the water, you can sit by the pool decks and turn in peace by the pergola.

Cool Decks!

Next is designing the decks around the pool area with cool material and exciting designs. A term known as cold decks is not just having the pools look cool. But what comes with a distinct method of spraying and knocking down a coating compound is a mechanism that enhances the surface features f the decks by keeping them cold and comfy. 

What is cool is that even when the decks are exposed to the sun all day long, it remains cold to the touch—preventing the bare feet from getting burned. In that way, you can chill and relax beside the waters any time of the day. If you are interested in getting a cool deck for your pool, you can contact your local pool deck concrete contractor for more information.


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