When planning to resurface your pool deck overlays, two things are at the top: the materials and the concrete overlay pool deck cost

Good thing you got concrete pools outlined with concrete decks. The work involved in the repair maintenance with this type of material remains at a minimal and efficient cost.

Orange County pool deck refinishing

When you get other pool deckings, such as marble or travertine, these are pretty expensive and would require much effort. Reworking these types of decks would amount to the same as renovating your entire home. Let us now focus on the two main aspects of planning your pool deck resurfacing.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Materials

Concrete pool deck materials are sustainable and easily accessible, making the raw components easily transported and manufactured. Thus, concrete floor material is more budget friendly than any other materials.

Using raw concrete surface materials is also more convenient to use. Compared to a traditional floor tile, you need them purchased in pieces, and ready-made tiles might be too fragile to ship in and out. When they arrive at your site, some parts may get damaged, causing you to replace them even before using them.

When choosing the materials, here are a few essential points to take note of:

  • The Durability of the Material
  • Sustainability
  • Convenience in Use
  • Installation Process
  • Curing Time

Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost

Now you have learned the basic understanding of the materials, there would only be a few factors. Since concrete pool deck overlays are non-luxurious materials, you would not have to spend beyond your required budget.

Here are other considerations to calculate adding to the overall cost:

  • The complexity or simplicity of design
  • The area size of the pool deck
  • The condition of the existing decks
  • The amount of preparation needed for the pool decks
  • Labor cost 
  • Repair and maintenance cost 
  • Other post installation cost

Things to Help Calculate The Cost and Choose Materials

The cost and type of pool decking materials go together. If you are after cost-saving solutions, the first helpful tip is to set a budget and then stick to it. However, you would not also want to compromise other aspects, such as the aesthetics and quality of the material.

Here are tips for making the best decisions when planning your pool deck resurfacing.

  • Talk to a local concrete pool decking contractor to discuss your requirements.
  • It is better to upgrade your existing concrete overlays instead of replacing the entire slabs.
  • Stamped concrete overlays are the most convenient application to concrete pool decks, considering the maintenance and installation process, which are quick to do.

To help you in assessing the cost in resurfacing your pool decks, contact your local pool deck contractor. They will provide you with the quotation that would suit your needs.


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