If you’ve become bored by the swimming pools you see when flipping through magazines, that might be a sign you’re in need of some serious inspiration to help you with your own home design. And who better to draw inspiration from than people who make their livings off sleek and innovative pool designs?
Architect-approved pool designs are here to give you that boost of incentive. These are six of our favorite carefully-designed pools to inspire you:

Place your pool near a body of water

pool near the ocean

If you’re fortunate enough to live next to the ocean or the sea, you may be thinking that there’s no need for a pool. But many modern home designs now have a pool feature right on the edge of the ocean.

The reason? It gives you an option between the natural waves of the sea and the cool calm waters of your pool for when you want to take a dip. It can also be a safer way to have fun in the water if you have children or for parties. But also, it’s just very pretty.

Perfect the indoor-outdoor flow

indoor pool

For a pool area that looks like it fits with your home, getting the indoor-outdoor flow correct is crucial.

That means getting a cohesive flooring plan between the outdoor pool area and the space inside. Big glass doors leading outside also help, especially when they can be opened and moved to the side to give the impression of it being the same space.

An indoor-outdoor flow can facilitate a calmer vibe inside the home and can also help make your parties easier and more relaxing.

Install a faux stone pool deck

pool deck with faux stone

A gray stone deck can look effortlessly chic and cool around a pool. It’s an easy way to add a modern element to your pool area without updating the pool itself.

But since stone can be very expensive, we love the look of a faux stone concrete pool deck. Not only is it much cheaper than real stone, but it’s an easy process to install it, too. Contractors can do a pool deck resurfacing service on your old pool deck that can be stamped into a stone design.

No one will know it isn’t the real thing and you’ll have a brand new pool deck for a low price.

Install a small deck to match the house

If you’re worried about what a pool will look like in your small backyard, let go of those worries!

Many pool designs are now made to give the impression of a small pool area that can be immediately accessed.

By installing a smaller pool deck around the pool and bringing it as close to the home as possible, the steps leading into the pool will seem like a natural progression as you enter the backyard from your home. There’s no need to try and make the outdoor space look big. Making the most of it is actually cool.

Discovered a pool idea that inspires you? If you’re opting to have a concrete pool deck installation today, try us! We also have more blogs for you to be well-informed. Read on about the best hardscapes to complement your pool decks and usher in that inspiration to reach your dream pool design.


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