An exquisite pool patio is a must for your swimming pool to be a perfect addition to your beautiful home. With this, you must keep in mind how important it is to choose the best materials for this project. Unlike the other parts of your house, your pool deck requires special attention since it will be under more rigid conditions and there are factors that you have to keep in mind.

Your pool patio will usually be exposed to water and the heat of the sun, so, you need a concrete coating that is slip-resistant and can adequately resist the high temperature for you to walk around it comfortably. It is also essential to consider the aesthetic that you want. Furthermore, if you are under a tight budget, there are suitable materials that are cost-efficient at the same time. Lastly, you want your pool deck to be easily maintained for you to save money and energy from it. Otherwise, consider the remodeling and renovation the pool deck material will need every now and then.

Now, the only question is, “which materials can keep up to these standards?” In no particular order, we have enumerated five types of materials explaining how they are suitable for a pool patio and what makes them different from each other.

stamped concrete pool deck
Natural Stone

A pool patio made out of natural stone is in demand because of its timeless design. Travertine is one of the most used stone for this kind of project. It has natural slip-resistant properties while giving that elegant look to your pool area. At the same time, it does not require much cleaning and maintenance. However, an all-in-one material like this comes with a price and could get expensive.


Concrete especially decorative concrete is the most economical and cost-efficient out of all the available materials. Aside from being durable, it is also versatile that you can mold it to look like different patterns and can mimic other materials like wood, bricks, and more. Moreover, concrete is also easily maintained and can reflect the heat. The only downside of concrete is that it could get a bit slippery if you go with a non-textured style.

indoor pool

The durability and easy-maintenance of pavers make it one of the popular choices for a pool deck. Pavers are concrete bricks that are arranged interlocking each other depending on the design that you want. This material is also slip-resistant and could be easily replaced once a brick crack. Pavers can get expensive but is a cheaper alternative to stone.


A wood patio can give that rustic look to your swimming pool area. Many people go for wood because it’s aesthetically pleasing and there are a lot of options for style. However, since it is a natural material, it can deteriorate faster. If you’ll go for this, make sure you’re ready to commit to maintaining it.


The leading quality of brick that makes it a top contender is its durability and simple look that has been in demand for thousands of years. However, regular maintenance is needed for brick pool patios since the material can grow moss which makes the surface a bit slippery.

Found the right pool deck material for you? If you’re looking for a great contractor to fulfill your pool decking projects, try us! We also have various blogs to help you understand more about the nature of concrete pools. Read this blog on matching your stamped concrete pool deck with your home’s exterior.


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