Is it possible to have your idea of stamped concrete pool deck design coincide perfectly with your home’s motif, even without the help of an expert designer? Although designers are widely available today, it is still important that you can personally translate a well-coordinated pool deck theme and exterior. Experts are there for you to produce an outcome that meets your expectation. However, the success of a gorgeous pool deck depends on you. Here are facts and considerations to guide you in matching your concrete pool deck with your home’s exterior.

Select a Color Palette that Compliments the House Exterior
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There are distinct ways to choose a color palette. These are analogous, complementary, or monochromatic. The common approach we apply when selecting a color combination is the monochromatic style. When a home exterior’s paint is plain, neutral, or white, you select a monochrome palette. Many tips have probably told you already that, to match your pool deck with your house exterior, you need to choose the same color. Truth is, you can go for a more distinct scheme. Have a complete review of your home’s exterior. Try to capture a theme it translates. It can be an earthy theme blending the tones of green, beige, and grey rock colors. You can mimic the color scheme and implement it to your stamped concrete pool deck resurfacing designs.

Match your Stamped Concrete Patterns with the House Façade
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A part of the house where you can base the design of the stamped concrete for your pool deck resurfacing is the façade. The house facade can be made of bricks, so you would want to select a stamped concrete pattern that looks like a brick. Or, the theme of your home takes on a minimalist look. The façade can be made of plain white or neutral concrete. Therefore, a greyish or light grey stamped concrete with fine texture is your choice.

Adjusting the Shades of Concrete Stamping
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Another approach to creating a well-coordinated, distinct theme in your pool deck is looking at the shade of colors. A home exterior can be simplistic, displaying a classical mood. Instead of focusing on patterns, focus the design of your pool deck resurfacing in terms of shades of color. If the whole exterior of a house is painted with beige or light earthy color then, go for a moderate shade of brown. You can choose a little darker shade but do not use plain dark concretes unless dark accents are found around the house. It is better to go classic for a polished, sophisticated design.

Go around the hood

Visiting a nearby relative, friend, or neighbor can help you get an idea of how you can match your pool deck with your home exterior. It does not have to be copying someone else’s style. It is just for you to find a reference. A neighbor may already have a Mediterranean exterior. Your choice now can be on the opposite spectrum of a design concept. Go around your neighborhood and observe a nearby home depot. Home finishing and construction centers create dioramas of a concrete exterior set up. It is their way to tell you what to choose for your home needs.

Consult the Experts

Still, the best way is to ask for expert advice. You can contact a landscape architect and consult with them about designs. A single consultation will not cost much. Or, call a long-time contractor who worked on your house. Then, jot down their expert opinion for conducting a pool deck resurfacing.


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